Together with Lori, we hosted a party to thank everyone who became part of our dream. Get a taste of our unforgettable night. Thank you to everyone present, to those who made this possible, and to those who have supported us all this time. We love you XO

• • • • •

Hosts: Lori Hoxha, COHL’S

Location: Flow Beach by Splendor, Dhermi

DJ Set: JAD Musica & The Band

Warm-Up: DJ Fecky Farris

Media Partner: Top Channel / Pushime On Top

Event Planning: Frenk Creative

Production: Ola 1 Promotion

Photography: Gent Onuzi Video: Elis Kruja

Others: Neutrogena Albania, Reve Distribution, Red Bull Albania, Miss Shqiperia

• • • • •

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