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#StrongerTogether, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

#StrongerTogether, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

#PinkOctober Breast Cancer Awareness Month #StrongerTogether not only as a support during the treatment, also as an awareness for prevention. Let our voices echo and become a social conscience. COHL'S and TOP 7 has joined together 12 Celebrities to spread a message on the breast cancer awareness campaign. Featuring Argjira Spanca, Deborah Keci, Deamishel Hoxha, Eva Murati, Kiara Tito, Kristina Baki, Nevina Shtylla, Petrula Spiro, Sarah Berisha, Viola Spiro, Viola Gjoleka and Xhesika Trola, we are happy to bring you a short video message to increase the attention on this topic.

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