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COHL'S Sportswear SS20 Woman Fitness Collection

COHL'S Sportswear SS20 Woman Fitness Collection

SS20 Woman Fitness Collection Preview Video by COHL'S Sportswear® 

A first view of 3NGL Bras&Leggings Collection on Royal Blue, Geo Windbreaker jacket and shorts in red, Geo mesh top and leggings in Cyan, Zodiac Collection in Sunrise, Kat Collection in Grren, and #CohlsLover biker shorts and bra in royal blue.


Nicole Benavente - Miss Globe Venezuela

Carla Jean Lares - Miss Globe Trinidad and Tobago

Amy Gueye - Miss Globe Senegal

Leren Bautista - Miss Globe Philippines

Alejandra Díaz De Léon Soler - Miss Globe Mexico

Anastasiia Fateeva - Miss Globe Khazakhstan

Kristyna Malirová - Miss Globe Czech Republic

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